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About Yusaika

Healthy is a habit

As an old saying goes, “People stay in good health for comfort, yet it is not something involved and abstruse. It’s nothing more than sleep and eating.” Stay healthy, is simply about diet and rest, but for city dwellers, easier said than done. Hectic schedules make them prone to bad eating and living habits. Thus, YUSAIKA shoulders your health by provisioning supreme dietary nutrition to your diet. A thoughtful, modern and simple solution guards everyone’s health.
Quality checks
You are what you eat, and therefore YUSAIKA rigorously complies with food safety standards. YUSAIKA strictly monitor every process, from ingredient examination to end product packaging, to stringent check the quality for health and deliciousness.
 International Standards
YUSAIKA only work with reliable supplier and manufacturer who are scrutinized and have undergone a rigorous selection in line with related international standards, maintaining high quality. Every sip is an enjoyment, fresh and assured.
Sustainable Development
YUSAIKA attaches great importance to protecting the health of the previous generation and contemporary people, and also cherishes the next generation living environment and natural resources. YUSAIKA is committed to adding sustainable elements to its products, such as agricultural and livestock crops sourced from certified organic farms, and never putting any harmful or illegal chemicals and drugs on livestock crops for cost control or production speed increase.

No Fake pledge awarded by Intellectual Property Department, HKSAR.