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Vivien's STORY


"YUSAIKA Organic Drip Chicken Essence gave me a peace of mind and warm comfort." Vivien remembers that when she was a child, her mother would prepare chicken soup for her and her siblings.

Vivien came to Hong Kong to work alone. She began to miss the taste of her mother’s cooking, but she couldn't find the chicken soup with the same taste. Usually there is MSG if she dines outside, which is not as natural as what Vivien’s mother prepared for her. Vivien tried different brands’ drip chicken essence. However, none of them tastes like the chicken soup stewed by her mother. After searching for a while, Vivien finally found her favorite, YUSAIKA Organic Drip Chicken Essence.

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Vivien's STORY

Vivien's mother's worries

A pot of loving chicken soup also evoked memories of Vivien and her mother: As a child, Vivien's mother always went to the market for groceries with little Vivien. Vivien's mother insisted on antibiotic-free, no added hormone ingredients when searching for groceries. Why? Vivien seemed to be in perfect skin condition, but in fact, she suffered from eczema when she was a child, especially after eating foods containing antibiotics or added hormone. Therefore, Vivien's mother is very careful when preparing meals for Vivien and her siblings. She only chooses natural and fresh ingredients.

Vivien’s mother believes that consuming chicken is not only about the taste, but also for health. YUSAIKA only selects the highest quality organic certified chickens. They are fed with organic non-GMO feeds, supplemented with vitamins and probiotics. Therefore, the essence of every drip is sweet and refreshing, just the same as homemade chicken soup! Although Vivien's eczema is getting better now, sometimes if her food contains antibiotics or added hormone, the eczema would come back and say hello to Vivien. However, after drinking YUSAIKA Organic Drip Chicken Essence, Vivien did not feel uncomfortable at all.

Vivien's STORY

Vivien's mother's worries

Vivien's mother loved preparing chicken soup for her family, but she is concerned about the oil and fat. She found that she could not skim all the grease completely after testing with different household oil filters. YUSAIKA improved the shortcomings of homemade chicken soup with Germany high-tech filtration technology. It removes oil, cholesterol and other impurities completely from the chicken essence. Every drop is gold in color and clear, each drop is healthy and fat-free. As a result, as a mother, she highly recommends YUSAIKA Organic Drip Chicken Essence.

Vivien likes to drink homemade soup. However, when eating in restaurants, the soup may contain a lot of salt or MSG. On the other hand, homemade soup contains no MSG or extra artificial seasonings. Unfortunately, Vivien was so busy that sometimes she forgot to take care of herself, so she chose YUSAIKA Organic Drip Chicken Essence. Compared with soup, Vivien feels that YUSAIKA Organic Drip Chicken Essence is the best choice for replenishment. Every pouch of chicken essence is made at high temperature, which effectively pushes the nutrition out of the chicken, no water is added throughout the whole process; also no MSG and artificial colorings. YUSAIKA Organic Drip Chicken Essence is convenient to drink and delicious, so no matter how busy Vivien’s schedule is, she can always boosts up her immune system and energy level by drinking one pouch anytime anywhere.

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